TOP 100-Award: Ranga Yogeshwar honors EJOT for innovation performances

Appreciation at the summit for the German “Mittelstand”: Ranga Yogeshwar, a well-known science journalist, congratulates the EJOT SE & Co. KG from Bad Berleburg for being awarded with the TOP 100-seal. The award ceremony took place on Friday 28th July 2024 in Weimar for all medium-sized enterprises in Germany that received the TOP 100-seal at the beginning of the year. As a mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar accompanies the innovation contest that took place for the 31st time. In the scientific selection process EJOT was convincing in the size category C (over 200 employees) and especially in the category “Innovative processes and organization”. This is already the third time that EJOT counts as a TOP innovator.

Whether it is the cockpit of a car, the façade of a building or the fuselage of an airplane: Fasteners of the EJOT group hold different materials together in all these areas. EJOT specialized in an extensive product range of fastening elements made from steel or plastic.

The innovative power of the company shows itself in the impressive number of patents: “Since our founding over 100 years ago, we were able to patent over 2,000 products and processes”, reports the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Market Unit Construction, Dr. Jens Weber. It is said that one reason for the various patents is a structured innovation process.

In the Market Unit Industry as well as in the Market Unit Construction, which concentrate on products for the building industry, innovation steering committees make sure that the accompaniment of all projects is transparent. In addition, results of these research and development meetings are being reviewed in the big circle of the “Development Investment Steering Committee” (DISC) by employees of sales, marketing, product management, controlling and the purchasing department. “By doing this we create important synergies between experts and our departments”, explains Ralf Birkelbach, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Market Unit Industry.

“EJOT is one of the companies that distinguishes itself by an outstanding professional innovation management and thereby also sets international standards”, writes the institute of entrepreneurship and innovation of the science university in Vienna in the innovation survey for the company. “Thereby EJOT is part of the performance elite of the German ‘Mittelstand’.”

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Christian Dreher, Ranga Yogeshwar and Dr. Jens Weber.