ISO-Zell PE Tape

Podrobnosti k výrobku

  • Oblast použití

    ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and Fix-Tape are especially suitable for

    • sealing
    • vibration control
    • insulation
    • cushioning

    Due to these special product properties ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and Fix-Tape are very

    • versatile, e.g. in the following areas
    • Trapezoidal metal sheets and metal structures
    • Solid, timber and prefabricated building constructions
    • Window construction
    • Dry wall and partitioning
    • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Domestic appliances
    • Wagon and container construction
    • Machine and equipment manufacturing
  • Benefits

    • Flexible
    • Fine pored
    • Water repellent
    • High ageing resistance
    • Environmentally friendly - chemically neutral
  • Description

    ISO-ZELL PE-Tape and ISO_ZELL Fix-Tape are versatile sealing and pad tapes suitable for many assembly situations. These closed celled polyethylene foam tapes with their self-adhesive coating, are characterised by a fine cellular structure and particularly by their flexibility. These properties and a continuously high quality, allow efficient and reliable solutions for a wide spectrum of industry and building applications.