Podrobnosti k výrobku

  • Properties

    ISO-BLOCO 300 is suitable for sealing joints and connections in building construction and facades. It is particularly suitable for applications involving windows, metal, masonry, wood and drywall. ISO-BLOCO 300 can also be used as a thermal barrier tape.

    Movement of structural elements and temporary changes in length have to be taken into account for the max. joint width.

  • Applications

    • Complies with DIN 18542 BG 2
    • Seals against wind, dust and driving rain
    • Permanently elastic with long term life expectancy
    • Vapour diffusion permeable
    • Thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Can be painted over with standard emulsion paints
    • Good adhesive properties, to aid installation
    • Constant quality control to DIN standards, with regular controls from independent institutions
  • Benefits

    ISO-BLOCO 300 is a special impregnated PUR sealing tape. In its compressed state it is a reliable seal against driving rain, dust and drafts. With the appropriate compression, it offers a reliable protection against driving rain to a minimum of 300 Pa. Equivalent to Strong Gale 9 wind force. ISO-BLOCO 300 is also a thermal and acoustic insulation. It meets the high qualification requirements for the BG2 classification, in accordance with DIN 18542 issue 2009.